What are all those numbers on my new European-made Bulb?


Approved Lamps lamps should display the following information:
manufacturer, rated voltage, wattage, certification mark (e.g. E1) and approval mark.

The individual printed markings on the lamp are as follows:

*The manufacturer's name or a clear abbreviation.

*12(or 12V), 24(or 24V) indicates the rated voltage according to ECE Regulation 37.
- 55W, for example, indicates the rated power in watts.

- H4, H7, P21W, etc., are the standard international categories for ECE standardised amps.

*E1 indicates the country in which the lamp has been tested and approved. Light sources approved in Germany display a "1".

*A capital "U" indicates a UV-reduced lamp in accordance with ECE requirements.
- Such lamps are used, for example, in plastic headlights.

NOTE:Brand lamps fulfil these requirements.

*If DOT appears on a lamp, it means that the lamp is approved for the US market.
- This identifier is required only for main headlight lamps low and high beam.

*Finally, every lamp displays the approval mark of the relevant authority; in the case of E1, this is the Federal Motor Transport Authority in Flensburg. The approval mark consists of either 37R (E1) + a 5-digit number or just (E1) + a 3-digit number.
- In most cases, lamps also display the manufacturer's own code to facilitate production batch tracking.