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However, I am continuing the 50 year tradition of customer service henceforth .... DBA as CandlepowerUS.

You all are the kindest people I have ever had the pleasure to know and serve. I truly truly appreciate all of the conversations, interactions, and positive comments you all have given me in the past and I hope to continue to serve you in the future. I have been given the website as part of my severance and although my inventory is smaller, I am hoping to gain your trust once again to attend to your lighting needs and to hopefully grow my new business by providing the same customer service as I diversify and expand my lighting choices.

Please visit the new Candlepower storefront to purchase the
4530G Selective Yellow Lamp

Again. Thank you for your past support and continued patronage !

Kenny Franklin - New Owner, Candlepower Inc. / CandlepowerUS --- 21 October 2020

Install these selective yellow bulbs in your fog lamps for a street-legal major improvement in foul-weather seeing. Stop being afraid of the dark!

This bulb is manufactured to original-equipment quality standards by Candlepower, Inc.