Tachometer and other Instrument lamps

Misc. Lamps

OSRAM 3894 / Narva 17131 BA9S INDICATOR - TACHOMETERTachometer lamp for older vehicles and motorcycles. Please note that the 17131 is 3mm longer and is a 4W lamp vice a 3W lamp like the 3894.

-- Price is for a single bulb.

17131 European Indicator / Tachometer Lamp - Replaces Osram 389417131 12V 4W BA9S Replacement for Osram 3894.

-3mm longer
-12 Lumen Brighter
-300hr life vs 200hr.

17037BLUE - (17037 with Blue Silicone Cover) - Osram 272112V 1.2W W2x4.6d BLUE (Osram 2721) The 17037 Blue is no longer manufactured. These bulbs are the clear version 17037 with a heatproof, blue silicone cover.

-- Price is for a single bulb.