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H13 (9008) Super Sale!      TWO for 22.00!!!H13 (9008) Super Sale! TWO for 22.00!!!
The H13 (9008) is the high/low beam headlight bulb in a great many cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans. Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep, Ford/Mercury, and Nissan have all put out a lot of vehicles with H13 headlights since 2006.

Now's your chance to buy two high-quality original-equipment H13 bulbs for a super price! And if you're looking for the best-performing upgrade bulb for your H13 headlamps, we've got the new Philips Xtreme Power H13 in stock — for those, click here.

Red silicone cover for 10mm bulbsRed silicone cover for 10mm bulbs
These red cover sleeves are made out of durable, high-temperature premium silicone. They can be transferred from bulb to bulb and will last for years without fading or burning, as long as reasonable precautions are observed regarding bulb wattage. Perfect for enabling the use of modern clear bulbs to replace obsolete red dashboard and indicator bulbs. Price is for one cover.

Availability: Usually ships the next business day.

Narva® Mopar fender-top turn signal bulbs (330) 10-packNarva® Mopar fender-top turn signal bulbs (330) 10-pack
This premium Narva bulb, with nickel-plated corrosionproof base, directly replaces the old brass-base #330 bulb. Applications include MOST of the fender-top turn signal indicators on Chrysler Corporation cars made since the 1960s. Sold economically by the ten-pack; you'll never run out.

Availability: Usually ships the same business day

T4-5mm Blue Silicone Bulb Cover (2pcs)
Blue Silicone Bulb cover for Japanese Dash lamps (such as the 17037Blu Narva) (x2pcs)