Choices Choices??

When picking out your bulbs, please keep in mind that even with top-quality, precision-made bulbs like the ones you're about to buy from us, more light or an extra-white light color usually means significantly shorter bulb lifespan. This is a reality due to the laws of physics; there's no such thing as something for nothing, and shorter bulb life is simply the trade off involved in modifying basic bulb designs to give color-shifted (extra white) light or to give higher performance through better beam focus and greater light output.

-- If your priority is to have the best possible seeing, please expect to change the bulbs oftener than you may be accustomed to.

-- Conversely, longer lifespan usually means less light, so if your priority is to have the bulbs last as long as possible, the trade off is less light and reduced beam focus; you may not see as well as you might prefer.

There's no single pick that's best for everyone. We honestly present these facts upfront to help you make the best selection to meet your particular needs and priorities.

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