Reversing (back-up) light upgrades

Many vehicles have tinted glass or small, low-output back-up lights. Don't let those dark and rainy nights stop you seeing what you're about to hit behind you! Our upgrade reversing light bulb is nearly 100% brighter than standard and uses just 7 watts of additional electrical power, so there's no concern with heat or wire load. Premium construction with nickel plated base and hardglass burner, and ultra long life, too!

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796 Reverse Light Upgrade Bulb796 Reverse Light Upgrade BulbThe 796 bulb gives you almost 100% more light when you shift into Reverse, without any heat and power draw concerns. This ultra long life upgrade replaces the following standard bulbs:

•European P21W or 7506

•American 1156, 1073, or 1141