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Building on the success of the multiple-award winning X-treme range, the H1 XtremeVision is the latest innovation delivers up to 130% more light on the road than a standard bulb with maximum brightness.

With a new unique filament design, optimized geometry, a quartz burner and high pressure gas filling these bulbs deliver maximum light output with a longer life expectancy.

Not only do these bulbs provide extra light but make driving at night more comfortable and safer.

The bulbs are made out of Philips UV quartz glass that provides more light on the road and the highest level of resistance to risks of explosion, vibrations and extremes of temperature.


* Up to 130% more light on the road vs the Original
* Longer life expectancy
* Maximum brightness
* UV protected and suitable for use in plastic lenses
* Highest quality and reliability
* Fully DOT Compliant and 'E'Code Marked
* 12v 55w / P14.5S Base

The Philips H1XV do not ship well in the display boxes. WE crack them open to ship them inside cardboard carriers to protect them from breakage.

Visit Philips USA to view the H1 Xtreme Vision Data Sheet and Brochure

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