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The Philips X-treme Vision lamps give an enormous improvement in beam focus and formation. The Philips X-treme Power lamps put up to 100% more bright white light in the beam's hot spot so your beams reach out further down the road wider, too, for easier seeing in turns and on curvy roads. The Philips 9006 Lo Beam X-treme Vision lamps are made with the world's most precisely wound and accurately placed filament coil in a compact, AR-treated optical quartz envelope. Xenon, krypton, and other noble gases are included in the newly-reformulated fill gas. A discreet blue ring at the head of the bulb envelope gives you new-car style without sacrificing beam performance (as less advanced blue-glass bulbs make you do). And the anti-glare end cap is attractive platinum chrome rather than the ordinary dull black. Fully DOT-compliant and ECE-approved, the Philips X-treme Vision lamps can be used in any of vehicle or other auxiliary lighting that accepts the 9006 type lamp, anywhere in the world. For the best possible street-legal performance from your headlamps, get these Philips Xtreme Vision lamps they are the finest in the world.

The Philips 9006XTV ( HB4 ) X-treme Power Vision Lamp is priced and sold by the 2-pack.

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