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Philips Osram Vosla Third Generation Halogen Infrared (HIR2) ( 9012 ) - 12.8V 55W - PX22D


Please note that new vehicles manufactured in the last few years have this exact lamp installed in a projector beam type housing.

- The Toshiba HIR2(9012) lamps have recently shown up on the market and are NOT genuine. Toshiba no longer manufactures these lamps.

Be wary of cheaper "Knock-off" lamps found on major websites. One can tell the knock offs when seeing review statements such as "These weren't any brighter than the 9006 lamps these are supposed to replace" -or- "I did not even need to trim them and they fit in my stock 9006 housing" on the "customer review" pages!!

The HIR2(9012) incorporates a burner based on the latest version of high-tech H7 architecture. It has a high-precision filament coil, 5-axis focused and positioned within the burner by filament supports configured to leave a metal-free zone around the filament. The thermal image comparison you see on this page shows how the new design gives vastly improved control over unwanted reflections of the filament from the bulb wall and filament supports. This greatly improves beam focus and reduces shadows and glare light within the beam. The tubular bulb gives excellent control of stray light, and it's made of low-distortion quartz with a new infrared-reflective coating with maximized optical clarity. The fill gas has been newly formulated to give the HIR2/9012 bulb's characteristic extremely high light output with very long life.

This new Philips bulb has the highest luminance of any HIR2 (9012) ever made: 30 Mcd/m2. That's 25% better than the previous best-in-class Toshiba bulb. The improvement can be clearly seen in the thermal image comparison, and it gives the driver a significant increase in beam punch, boosting the ability to see what must be seen at night and in bad weather in time to avoid a collision. Light quality is bright white, with an excellent color temperature of 3450K.

A rated lifespan (Tc) that is 40% longer than previous designs, making this not only the brightest and best but also the most cost-effective HIR2 (9012) bulb ever made.

This 55-watt bulb is US DOT compliant, with a nominal output of 1875 lumens at 13.2 volts. ECE type approval (E-code mark) pending.

All in all, this is the best-performing bulb ever produced for optics designed to accept a bulb with a P(x)22d plastic base.

Application notes This new Philips bulb is physically, electrically, optically, and legally compatible with all previous 9012 (HIR2) bulbs, so it can be used for all the same design-specification, replacement, and upgrade applications. It can replace the 9006 (HB4) for special-service use; such a retrofit requires minor modification to the bulb base as described hereLike all previous HIR2 bulbs, it does not have a blacked-out tip, which means it should not be used in road going headlamp or fog lamp designs that don't have a bulb shield completely covering at least the top half of the front of the bulb a ring-style bulb shield that leaves the front of the bulb exposed to the lens is usually not sufficient.

- NOTE - New Manufacturer Information March 16, 2020 : Depending on voltage input, the 9012 has a normal life hour rating of 800 at 12.8V and declines to around 450 at 14V max.

P9012$22.00, 2/$38.00