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--- Kenny Franklin - New Owner, Candlepower Inc. / CandlepowerUSA --- 19 October 2020

Due to a large numbers of requests from GM / Chevy / Cadillac / Lincoln LARGE truck and SUV owners with Lo Beam Projector Type Lamps for brighter lights, we offer our very first Silverstar type Lamp.

This lamps performance characteristics are MEASURABLY brighter than the standard Philips/Osram HIR2(9012) and are a great upgrade OEM replacement for vehicles and trucks / SUV's with projector lenses.

These lamps have a 12 month warranty with Sylvania and changes our policies....We will cover the lamps for the first Thirty Days after the sale. You must return the lamps shortly after receiving your RMA.

ALL other warranty issues will be taken up with Sylvania (see below for links and online warranty services) - We WILL provide Proof of Purchase support which you should secure before calling or filling out the online form.

Sylvania Lighting's 12mo Replacement Online Statement:

"Headlights dim over time, and OSRAM SYLVANIA recommends evaluating your headlights annually for optimum performance. If your SilverStar® brand bulbs do not meet your expectations within a year of purchase and they were purchased from an authorized distributor, we will gladly offer a replacement with proof of purchase. Purchases from EBAY® or other online auction sites are not covered. EBAY® (as well as other online auction sites) are consumer to consumer marketplaces lacking quality control guidelines and expertise."

Sylvania complete Warranty Statement*
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Sylvania Customer Phone :(800)729-3777

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