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Osram Rallye Lamp Discontined - INTRODUCING VOSLA (27438 ) H7 55W +120 "Super Brite Light"

VOSLA H7 55W +120 "Superbrite"

The Osram 65w H7 bulb was a popular favorite because it gave a big headlamp performance boost while remaining compatible with standard headlamp wiring. However, that bulb is no longer manufactured.

Instead we now offer the excellent German Vosla H7 +120 bulb with practically the same identical performance.

We ran careful,objective tests on both bulbs, and here's what we found:

Electrically, they are about the same. The measured power input is only slightly lower at 13.2 volts and a difference of one or two watts in either direction isn't significant. The amperage difference between the two is .72 and we find similar differences when we measure multiple samples of any single type of bulb.

Candlepower’s NEWEST H7 55W Super Brite Light Series +120 (Plus-120) bulbs give the driver the ultimate possible lighting performance for premium safety and enhanced driving performance on dark roads and in foul weather.

Note. This is a letter I wrote to a customer after testing the VOSLA H7 +120 lamps vs the existing Osram Rallye lamps in my 2011 Tiguan and 2014 Passat. His inquiry was about the difference between the two. I have used both - mainly because it is so easy to swap the lamps in both vehicles.

The Vosla +120 H7 works very well and I now use them in my own 2011 VW Tiguan and wife's '14 Passat. The side to side is a bit diminished when compared to the Rallye lamps, but the down road lighting is superior in my initial comparison. I made the swap from the Rallye lamps mainly to to see what the difference would be to new customers as well as to previous users of the Osram Rallye lamps. I actually liked the VOSLA H7 +120 so much that I left them in and have the Rallye lamps as spares in the storage box. I think the previous Rallye Light customers may not be happy (initially) because of the loss of some side to side lighting, but will quickly notice the down road improvement in which the +120 has a measurable advantage. Physiologically, the eye becomes fixated on the brighter light in the main beam pattern and neglects what is further down the road. The +120 lamp, in my tested opinion, provided longer downrange as well as the center left and right of the road than did the Osram Rallye lamps because I became fixated on the "up-close" bright pattern.

--Please remember though, that this down road lighting though is not an excuse to drive faster at night time..... :)

* Please note that there are many factors that influence life hours and your life hours may differ. Life hours is defined as the amount of time in which around 80% of a sample set of bulbs are still lit, but at a highly reduced efficiency (lumen output and amperage draw on the electrical system). This happens slowly over the life hours and you may not notice the reduced output until you replace a burnt out lamp.......** For continuous high lumen output, one should replace the headlights yearly to eighteen months... ALWAYS change both bulbs when one lamp burns out.

** Depending on the amount of driving time with your lamps lit, you should adjust this interval.

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