Click to enlargeRallye Lamp Discontined - NEW VOSLA H7 55W +120

Osram Rallye Lamp Discontinued - We offer in it's place, the new VOSLA (27438 ) H7 55W +120 ( 27438 )

VOSLA H7 55W +120 "Superbrite Light"

The Osram 65w H7 bulb was a popular favorite because it gave a big headlamp performance boost while - mostly - remaining compatible with standard headlamp wiring. However, that bulb is no longer manufactured.

Instead we now offer the excellent German Vosla H7 +120 bulb with practically the same identical performance. The measured power output is only slightly lower at 13.2 volts and a difference of one or two watts in either direction isn't significant. The amperage difference between the two is .72 and we find similar differences when we measured multiple samples of any other bulb type such as the Philips XtremeVison or the Osram Night Breakers at the high and low end of the voltage spectrum. No more worries about melted wiring harnesses!

Yes!! The lumen output is less than the H9 "burner" used on the old Rallye lamp; but newer manufacturing methods enables the Vosla H7+120 bulb to give the driver the ultimate possible lighting performance for premium safety and enhanced driving performance on dark roads and in foul weather... and within the legal limits of DOT lumen output allowances.

The light pattern of the Vosla H7 +120 lamp has a sharper conical output providing more comfortable, less stressful, night time driving.

Lastly and Again!! There is NO worry about melting harnesses or voiding warranties!!!

Although the Vosla H7+120 Super Brite Light light pattern enables an alert driver to better to see the jaywalker before he steps into the street..... Distracted driving will always delay the response time .... No matter how many lumens one can through out in front of the vehicle.


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