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The Philips Xtreme Vision H4 Motorcycle / HB4 / 9003 lamp provides an ENORMOUS increase in performance, especially in the Non-projector Lens Vehicles and Motorcycles. A brighter Hot Spot and improved Beam Focus throws puts more light down road and side to side allowing a greater degree of visibility on turns and curvy roads.

-Increased Visibility and superb performance at last.
-Excellent for night time off road.
-Perfect for Motorcycle Safety and Peace of Mind." See and Be Seen."

Like all Philips Xtreme Vision lamps, the H4 HB2 is made with the world's most precisely wound and accurately placed filament coil in a compact, AR-treated optical quartz envelope. Xenon, krypton, and other noble gases are included in the newly-reformulated fill gas. A discreet blue ring at the head of the bulb envelope gives you new-car style without sacrificing beam performance (as less advanced blue-glass bulbs make you do). The new +130 lamp has the same blue ring circling the Hi Beam which excites the reflective material in the upcoming guard rails, signs, and reflective center lines. The anti-glare end cap is attractive platinum chrome rather than the ordinary dull black. Fully DOT-compliant and ECE-approved, the Philips Xtreme Vision lamps can be used in any of vehicle or other auxiliary lighting that accepts the H4, HB2, or 9003 type lamps. For the best possible street-legal performance and backwoods lighting, get these Philips Xtreme Vision lamps they are the finest in the world.


* Up to 130% more light on the road vs the Original
* Longer life expectancy
* Maximum brightness
* UV protected and suitable for use in plastic lenses
* Highest quality and reliability
* Fully DOT Compliant and 'E'Code Marked
* 12v 55w / P14.5S Base

Visit Philips USA to view the H4 Xtreme Vision Data Sheet and Brochure
(NOTE: The H4 is the European and Motorcycle version of the American 9003)

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