Click to enlargeNarva 9006 Special Purpose / Rallye 70W Headlight / Headlamp


Rallye 70W 9006

High Performance lighting with a lifespan comparable to a good quality standard 9006 bulb.
Originally designed to meet demands for Rallye Racing*, this special-service bulb is the highest-output, most efficient 9006 available from anyone!

Perfect upgrade for OFF ROAD racing headlamps, diving lights, FOG LAMPS, Agricultural / Industrial work lamps.

12V 70W P22d Base

*Please note that there are many factors that influence life hours and your life hours may differ. Life hours is defined as the amount of time in which around 80% of a sample set of bulbs are still lit, but at a highly reduced efficiency (lumen output and amperage draw on the electrical system). This happens slowly over the life hours and you may not notice the reduced output until you replace a burnt out lamp.......** For continuous high lumen output, one should replace the headlights yearly to eighteen months... ALWAYS change both bulbs when one lamp burns out.

** Depending on the amount of driving time with your lamps lit, you should adjust this interval.

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