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9005 (HB3) Bulbs
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9011 HIR1 - Philips HIR1
9012 HIR2 - Philips Osram Vosla HIR 2
Narva Rangepower+50 Super High Output 55W H1SBL Bulb
NEW !!! VOSLA HIR2 (9012) +50% "Super Bright Light"
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CPI Electric Horn Kit (Please use PRIORITY Mail or UPS)
CPI Gold Selective Yellow H3 55w Bulb
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H7 Headlight / Headlamp
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HIR1 - 9011
How to Aim Vehicle Lamps
How to Modify HIR bulb bases
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I just missed the delivery truck
I simply want a 9003 .... What is an HB2??
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Install Angle-Based Bulbs in '98-'04 Chrysler/Dodge w/ Straight-Bases
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Long Life & Extra Tough Bulbs
Long Life & Extra Tough Bulbs
Marchal 850 Lens Cover
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My Owners Manual says my bulb is 60W but the lamps I received say 65W
Narva 9006 Special Purpose / Rallye 70W Headlight / Headlamp
Narva Range Power +50 High-Output 9005 (HB3) 65w Bulb

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