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The 3rd Generation 9011 (HIR1)Halogen Infrared Reflective bulbs are among the most efficient halogen headlight bulbs in existence. The first commercial application was the high beam of the first-generation Dodge Viper, then in the low beam of the 2003 Nissan Maxima's high/low beam lamps, and since then they have been specified as original equipment in a wide range of vehicles, off-road equipment, and snow plows.

These lamps are currently manufactured to OEM quality and performance specifications by Philips. As with all bulbs, the design varies slightly depending on the manufacturer.
It's most productive to focus on the bulb's performance, not on its design details.

See additional information on adapting these bulbs to 9005/9006 headlamps

NOTE: The picture above is the original GE prototype. Other than the mounting tabs on the Base, both the 9011 and 9012 now have a conventional "headlamp" shape.

HIR1 - 9011 HIR1 - 9011
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