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CANDLEPOWER INCORPORATED WILL BE CLOSING ITS DOORS ON 1 OCTOBER 2020.---- All transfers are complete or in the works. As soon as I have the Credit Card Services activated, I will have the store open... Thank you for YOUR Patience !!!

--- Kenny Franklin - New Owner, Candlepower Inc. / CandlepowerUSA --- 19 October 2020

The best upgrade bulbs for use in your headlamps, fog lamps, driving lamps and work lights...anywhere an H1 bulb is originally specified.

<b>Narva Rangepower+50</b>  Super High Output 55W H1SBL Bulb   Narva Rangepower+50 Super High Output 55W H1SBL Bulb
VOSLA H1 +100 "Super Brite Light"VOSLA H1 +100 "Super Brite Light"
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