GE LumiLine lamp end clips (end caps)<br>Leviton deep-housing type

The last Lumiline end caps available on the market were discontinued long ago and they've been generally unavailable for years. Not any more!

Our new Lumiline end clips are perfect, high-quality items ready to snap right in. We've built them to the original pattern for you, using top-quality glossy black heatproof Bakelite. The lamp clip and fixture contact are a corrosion-resistant brass stamping, as original, to give a durable, dependable connection to the Lumiline lamp and socket. We've made several construction upgrades to improve the clips' durability and robustness for years of corrosionproof reliability. We have not altered the appearance of the clips from original, so if you're restoring an antique radio, display cabinet, jukebox, or fixture, order with confidence.

These Leviton-style LumiLine end caps are the deep design with the C-shaped external contact.

We have sold our entire inventory.

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