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Diadem (Disappearing Turn Signal Bulbs) Philips Silvervision BAU15S, and Sylvania Japanese Plastic Wedge-based Clear /  Amber when lit colored bulbs

Genuine Osram Diadem® turn signal bulbs disappear to a chrome ball when off, yet flash the correct legal amber color when on. Their amber color lasts the full long life of the bulb; they'll never fade or burn off to brownish-white like many original amber-coated bulbs. Unlike low-quality imitations, the genuine Osram Diadem® bulbs produce the full intensity required by Federal regulations for safe performance of your car's turn signals.

Philips SilverVision's Extra Chrome, Amber-when-lit BAU15S lamps give your clear coated lens type lamps a great mirror like look.

The Sylvania Semi-Translucent Plastic Wedge-based Japanese signal bulb meets different standards than does the Osram Diadem types, but is an excellent choice to replace the OEM Amber bulbs. It reflects the most prevalent color reflecting inside your Lens Reflector.

Osram 7507LDA (BAU15S)  Metal Bayonet Base (TWO PACK)
Osram 7507LDA (BAU15S) Metal Bayonet Base (TWO PACK)

Regular price: $24.00
Sale price: $16.00
RARE - Osram 7538 LDR - LF PR21/5W Red Diadem (Single Lamp)
RARE - Osram 7538 LDR - LF PR21/5W Red Diadem (Single Lamp)

Regular price: $24.99
Sale price: $24.99, 2/$42.00
Osram 7508 LDR ---- BA15S (Straight Base Pins) **RED** Diadem

Sylvania Semi-Translucent Japanese Plastic Wedge Base