Osram Night BreakerŪ Plus "Unlimited" Ultra High Output 55W H11

Osram NightBreaker "Unlimited" Ultra High Output +110% H11 bulb puts up to 110% more precision-focused light on the road ahead, while maintaining stock 55w power. Crystal-clear bulb glass in the primary optical zone for maximum output, with a cobalt-blue tinted peripheral glass for 20% whiter light without the reduced intensity common to other extra-white bulbs. 3600K Color Scale. Manufacturer claims up to a 15 yards longer beam length than an original bulb.

This is a really awesome upgrade for your existing H11 lamp type... Do be aware that this High Performance lamp does not have the life hour expectancy of the original lamp. Life hours does depend a great deal on the voltage to the lamps and will range from 250 - 330 hours.

-- Price is for one bulb.

64211NBU1_H11_UnlimitedRegular price: $32.00Sale price: $25.00, 2/$40.00