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Click to enlargeT6W PURPLE x 100pcs12V 6W BA9S PURPLE

The BA9s base (small bayonet base) is one of the most popular used in the automotive industry. It is used in hundreds of applications including, indicator, map, glove box, dome, etc. Obviously, the OEM applications were all in white light, but, the effect of the purple can add a uniqueness to many applications. You can have up to 100 of these quality bulbs to play with for your car, bike, truck, or your kids science project. The packaging and handling charge is based on the cost of packaging material and the average labor to pack the box" The quantities are fixed.

HID LOOK 12V100/90W H4 HB2 9003 Lamp (Two-Pack)HID LOOK 12V100/90W H4 HB2 9003 Lamp (Two-Pack)

8 May 2017 - One left - call before ordering.

PLASMA XENON filled High Wattage lamp providing a VERY White light with high output.

HID LOOK - GREAT PRICE for two lamps!!!

Please Note....This overwattage bulb is for racing, off-road, and special-service usage. It is not compatible with stock wiring; relays and heavy-gauge wiring are necessary.

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