What is HIR??

Please note that the HIR Technology is old and there is no need to coat the bulbs with an HIR coating to achieve the same results.

The HIR bulbs are not some tinted or over-wattage version of 9005 or 9006, but rather employ a relatively new technology called HIR, Halogen Infrared. The mechanical dimensions of the bulb are all virtually identical to the 9005 or 9006, but the bulb glass is spherical instead of tubular, with the sphere centered around the filament. There is a "Durable IR Reflective" coating on the spherical glass. Infrared = heat, so the coating causes heat to be reflected back to the filament at the center of the sphere. This causes the filament to become much hotter (producing more light) than it can by passing electricity through it, *without* the shorter life or greater heat production that comes with over-wattage bulbs (to say nothing of over-wattage bulbs' incompatibility with stock wiring.)

Here's the comparison:

Hi Beam stock: 9005, 12.8V, 65W, 1700 lumens, 320 hours / Hi Beam ... HIR1(9011), 12.8V, 65W, 2530 lumens, 400 hours

Lo Beam stock: 9006, 12.8V, 55W, 1006 lumens, 360 hours / Lo Beam ... HIR2(9012), 12.8V, 55W, 1875 lumens, 1000 hours