Click to enlargeHIR1 (9011 ) -  12.8V 65W - PX20D

The Toshiba 9011 (HIR1) lamps have recently shown up on the market and are NOT genuine. Toshiba no longer manufactures these lamps.

Be wary of cheaper "Knock-off" lamps found on major websites. One can tell the knock offs when seeing review statements such as "These weren't any brighter than the 9005 lamps these are supposed to replace" -or- "I did not even need to trim them and they fit in my stock 9005 housing" on the "customer review" pages!!

These GENUINE 9011 lamps are a direct replacement for vehicles and trucks which were designed for this type.

Additionally, this bulb can replace the 9005 and HB3 for special service applications. Please see our "How-to & Tech Library" in the upper left hand side of this website, or navigate directly using the link that follows below.

This 65-watt bulb is US DOT compliant and ECE type-approved.

Application notes This bulb is physically, electrically, optically, and legally compatible with all other 9011 (HIR1) bulbs, so it can be used for all the same design-specification, replacement, and upgrade applications. It can replace the 9005 (HB3) for special-service use; such a retrofit requires minor modification to the bulb base as described here.

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