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Osram Rallye Lamp Discontined - Introducing the VOSLA H4 "SuperBrite"

August 31 2020 - OUT OF STOCK

The Osram 70/65w Hyper H4 bulb was a popular favorite because it gave a big headlamp performance boost while remaining compatible with standard headlamp wiring. However, that bulb is no longer manufactured.

Instead we now offer the excellent German Vosla 60/55w +100 H4 bulb with practically the same identical performance. A light blue coating on either side of the filament with a clear glass filament window now qualifies this lamp as a Candlepower "SuperBrite" series Light at 3600K.

We ran careful,objective tests on both bulbs, and here's what we found:

Electrically, they are almost the same when using a relay system or a natural voltage output of 13.5V. A difference of one or two watts in either direction isn't significant; we find the same small differences when we measure multiple samples of any single type of bulb. All in all, the biggest difference between the Osram 70/65w bulb and the Vosla 60/55w +100 bulb is how the two bulbs are labelled. The US branded lamps are labeled for 12V, hence the 60/55W. For more information, please click here.

For light output on high and low beam, the Osram and Vosla bulbs are within 4 percent—practically the same, and the Vosla +100 bulb throws its light slightly further down the road because of its high-precision filament focus.

In our tests both bulbs, compared to standard stock bulbs, hugely boosted the output and focus of a variety of test headlamps, giving very significantly higher intensity and longer, wider beam coverage with light that's more white and less brown.

Because we know our customers drive on roads, not in test labs, we also logged a lot of very satisfactory nighttime miles with both bulbs to validate our selection of a replacement for the popular but discontinued Osram bulb.

We ARE 100% confident that replacing an OEM bulb with the Vosla +100 "Superbrite" bulb gives the same big performance boost as the Osram 70/65w did.

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