Click to enlargePhilips / Osram HIR1(9011) & HIR2(9012)

The Philips and Osram HIR1 (9011) and HIR2 (9012)Halogen Infrared Reflective bulbs no longer have the electo-deposited coating that reflects the filament's infrared (heat) back onto the filament, which was originally designed to maintain a greater Lumen maintenance throughout its life expectancy. It also resulted hotter filament that produced more light without increased power consumption. The bulbs were designated as 9011 until 1997 when the European renamed the standard to HIR 1 and HIR 2. GE followed 5 months later by submitting a change request to call them HIR1(was 9011) and HIR2(was 9012). Both these Philips OEM bulbs are now being used in new car manufacture, John Deere farming equipment, Caterpillar construction, and almost every snow plow hooked in front of four wheel drives on the east coast.

Our testing has the HIR1(was 9011) running 10.8% brighter than the Toshiba with a differently designed and upgraded filament gas mixture which also maintains the lumen maintenance throughout 70% of its life hours. Please see the individual write-up for the Philips HIR2.

Toshiba no longer manufactures the HIR type and these are the only OEM replacements available and BOTH bulbs are second to none for those wishing to modify and upgrade existing 9005 and 9006 type lamps.

NOTE: The picture above is the original GE prototype. Other than the mounting tabs on the Base, both the 9011 and 9012 now have a conventional "headlamp" shape.

Please note that Toshiba no longer manufactures these lamps.

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Philips / Osram 9011 (HIR1)   -  (12.8V 65W - PX20D)Philips / Osram 9011 (HIR1) - (12.8V 65W - PX20D)
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Philips / Osram 3rd Generation 9012 (HIR2) - (12.8V 55W - PX22D)</font>Philips / Osram 3rd Generation 9012 (HIR2) - (12.8V 55W - PX22D)
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